The Cowra CBD Footpath Refurbishment Project

Progress Updates - November 2019

Zone 1 - Lachlan Street corner to United Petroleum

This zone will be complete by the 25 November, except for some further works at the corner still to be completed. Additionally, part of the footpath has had to be kept open for the pedestrian access around the corner. This area is likely to be finalised with Australiana Corner. Once the paving has been laid the parking will again be available in this area however some barriers will remain at the corner of Kendal and Lachlan Street and around the Oxley. Due to the heat conditions, paving may take place at night.

Zone 2 - Natural Beauty to Cowra Real Estate

This zone will be completed by the end of November up to The Oxley building. Part of Zone 2 has yet to be demolished (Dominoes, Subway and Cowra Real Estate) due to the complexity of this demolition and to coordinate the next paving/concreting works with the contractor. It is likely that this will be completed with Australiana Corner. Once this has been completed the majority of the barriers will be removed and the community can see the new footpath! Due to the heat conditions, paving may take place at night.

Zone 3 - Australian Corner to Townhouse

Demolition has commenced starting at the lower driveway at the Townhouse Motel. This area will be paved with the rest of Zone 2, hopefully by the 6 December. Alternatively, this will wait until after the Cowra Christmas Street Festival. Demolition will continue down to Australiana Corner and then move to the Dominoes/Subway/Cowra Real Estate corner. This area will then be concreted and paved and be open for pedestrians.

This should stop works for 2019, with the contractor anticipated to be back onsite to commence the rest of Zone 3 to Zone 4 in the New Year.

Thank You

Council would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the business owners for the first three zones for their support and communications during the works, especially United Petroleum, Natural Beauty, Garden & Montgomery, The Imperial Hotel, Allan Gray & Co and Subway for their patience.

Council would also like to remind people who work near to or within the work site not to park for extended periods of time in front of other businesses and leave these parks available for people trying to access the businesses.

Please note that the times and dates stated are subject to change.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the project manager Kate Alberry on 0438 782 870 or 6340 2045.

Nov collage images - CBD footpaths

About the Project

The Cowra CBD is the primary service and commercial hub of the Cowra Shire. Some 10.7% of our population is involved in retail trade, 7.7% are in the accommodation and food services sector and a further 1% of the population is in real-estate.

Almost 20% of Cowra's population have some form of connection to employment in the Cowra CBD. Tourism and hospitality are also key industries and major contributors to the Cowra economy with $42.3million contributed to the Cowra Shire in 2017/2018.

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The Cowra CBD has an important place in the economic development of the Cowra Shire. Council understands the importance of the CBD to the Cowra economy and has approved the CBD Refurbishment Project to upgrade the appeal of the town, enticing businesses and customers to the CBD. The first stage of the project was the resurfacing of Kendal Street which was completed a number of years ago.

Excitingly, the second and final stage, the $3.5 million CBD Footpath Refurbishment Project is now almost ready to start.

Council has resolved to enter into a contract with a regional company - Activenergy/L-Don Sporting Areas from Orange, NSW and Council's General Manager has now signed a contract to start the last stage of the CBD project.

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Council acknowledges that there will be disruption during the construction phase however in order to ensure that there will be limited disruption to shops and business and no disruption to shops and businesses opening hours, this project has been broken into eight stages (areas) and each area will be completed in 25 working days.

The project will commence at the corner of Kendal and Lachlan Street and create a new and exciting entrance to the shopping precinct. It will then work up the street to the east working through the stages alternating on the north and south sides of the street.

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This project will start in September 2019 and take almost 12 months to complete the 3,500m2 project.

The CBD Footpath Refurbishment Project is designed to create a pleasant, attractive and usable space which attracts people to the Cowra CBD and stimulates renewed economic activity. Additionally, the revitalised CBD area will enhance the retail experience by providing new seating and shade structures, new safe and modern footpath surface, additional lighting for shop fronts, new frontage to Squire Park and additional flower beds and landscaping which will create a vibrant outdoor space. Furthermore, an additional 22 shops will have disabled access to their premises with the footpath meeting the front step, making a total of 58 Kendal Street buildings and premises accessible.

If you would like a completed set of drawings and/or have any questions please contact Project Manager Kate Alberry – Director Environmental Services – 02 6340 2000.

Below is a timeline for the CBD Refurbishment Project. All timeframes are best estimates only and are subject to change. Click here to download the timeline.

CBD Staging Map - Business Owners 2