Do I need Approval?

Generally, if you are proposing to use land, subdivide land, erect a building, carry out a work or undertake a demolition, you will require approval from Council.Use the information in this section of the website to help you determine the approval requirements for your proposal.

Exempt development is development that can be carried out without the need for any approvals from Council. Learn more about Exempt Development. 
Complying Development generally refers to small scale residential, commercial and industrial development that can be carried out following a cheaper and faster approval process. Learn more about Complying Development.
Development that is not exempt or complying development will require the lodgement of a Development Application with Council. Learn more about Development Applications.

Your proposal may require other approvals if it involves:

  • Works within a public road, nature strip, footway, bridge or public reserve.
  • Land affected by an Interim Heritage Order or land that is identified on the State Heritage Register.
  • Bushfire Prone Land.
  • Land in a national park.
  • Potential pollution generating activities.
  • Plumbing and drainage.
  • Installation or modification of an on-site waste management system.
  • Works affecting an Aboriginal heritage item.
  • Activities requiring a water licence.

If your proposal fits into one of these categories, it is suggested that you contact Council on (02)6340 2040 to discuss any approval requirements.