Surveying begins for low level bridge traffic study

Cowra motorists and pedestrians will notice traffic survey work underway towards the end of September for the Cowra Low Level Bridge Traffic Study.

"The gathering of data on how local traffic is using the route is a key component in this comprehensive traffic study on Cowra's low level bridge. The results will provide Council with the data they need to make informed decisions about the replacement of the bridge," said Mr Dirk Wymer, Director of Infrastructure and Operations.

"The study will also gather data on heavy vehicle movements on the main Cowra Bridge, to provide Council with a detailed overview of traffic moving over the Lachlan River and help to identify ways to improve traffic efficiency," Mr Wymer said.

The survey work undertaken will include:

  • Number plate surveys to help determine where traffic is coming from and going to on the road network.
  • 'Tube counters' across the road to measure traffic volumes and identify the traffic type; from motorbikes and cars through to B-doubles.
  • Intersection turning counts and queue length surveys to determine detailed vehicle movements and how long drivers have to wait to proceed through various intersections in town.
  • Pedestrian counts to record the number of pedestrians crossing at zebra crossings and traffic lights within the town centre.

"From time to time, traffic surveys can be interrupted by a variety of factors from bad weather to illegally parked vehicles blocking line of sight to intentional vandalism. If you see any issues like this during the survey period we would appreciate you letting us know by contacting Council Infrastructure and Operations on ph: 6340 2070," said Mr Wymer.