Saleyards open day to highlight upgrades

It's onwards and upwards at Cowra Regional Livestock Selling Centre with an open day next Thursday, June 7 from 9am highlighting a continuing program of improvements at the facility.

Local sellers, buyers, agents and interested others are invited to view the ongoing projects including the part-built truck wash; recycling drainage to improve animal welfare; and the just-completed improved bathroom facilities, Cowra Mayor, Councillor Bill West said.

"This work is not just to improve facilities at the venue; but also to enhance and protect the value of livestock; and to improve animal welfare outcomes," Cr West explained.

"The recent upgrade will increase water-efficiency and improve conditions for livestock by utilising water from the truck-wash facilities recycled for irrigating holding paddocks for stock," Cr West said.

The Open Day at the Saleyards to view the new facilities on Young Road begins with an inspection of the new works and a run-down of how this leading regional centre operates with animal welfare a central consideration of the current development.

"Irrigating the holding paddocks will over-time provide fodder for sheep left in yards overnight, getting them off the concrete holding yards and onto grassed areas while they await transportation," Cr West added. "This will be better for transport operators, buyers, sellers and livestock, at the site."

"Less-stressed stock, as well as having better animal welfare outcomes, also reduces stress on those handling the animals and leads to lower stock losses and lost condition on sheep and cattle," Cr West said.

For more information on the open day or Cowra Saleyards, contact Manager — Cowra Services Chris Cannard on 6340 2088.