Tourism directory to help visitors ‘Unearth’ region’s best experiences

Creating an integrated and richer visitor experience for central NSW visitors is the aim of a new regional visitor directory, Cowra Mayor, Councillor Bill West has said.

The directory will provide a centralized database of events, sites, and destinations for the whole of the central west so that visitors can see all of the attractions in their area in one location, Cr West explained.

And if you're a local tourism provider, now's the time to get your destination listed by registering at:

"The Central NSW directory will be an information hub for visitors to our region. They will be able to search-out experiences in their chosen destination," Cr West added.

"More importantly, an inbuilt geospatial feature will show in an easy-to-understand format results for neighbouring destinations.

"Tourism Research shows that 90 percent of visitors to Central NSW base themselves in one destination and, in most cases, are unaware of the proximity of neighbouring towns, villages, and sites," Cr West said.

The directory will also bundle tourism products into relevant themes including Food and Wine; Adventure Tourism; and Culture and Heritage. "Bundling these categories will showcase the depth, variety, and range of sites, experiences, and products available across the region thereby highlighting that, for instance, travelling only 40 minutes down the road can open-up a whole new world of things to do!" Cr West indicated.

For the directory to succeed though, Cr West said that it is crucial for local operators to get involved in the development of the directory by listing their business with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). This will allow for the Central NSW directory to be developed from this national platform, Cr West said.

"The regional directory that Central NSW is working to develop is an exciting initiative that allows local tourism providers to boost their market exposure immediately," ATDW Partnerships Manager, James Connolly said.

"Our data of more than 40,000 tourism products and destinations populates sites like Visit NSW, so straight-away your listing will be on a website that over seven million consumers use every year," Mr Connolly concluded.

Listing with ATDW is free for tourism operators; they can register at: For more information or for assistance in registering your business on ATDW, contact Cowra Tourism on 6342 4333.