Pets are forever, not a passing Chrissie fad, Council

Don't buy pets for yourself or your family as a passing whim for Christmas, Cowra Council's Director — Environmental Services, Kate Alberry appealed today.

"Pets are forever, not just until the end of the festive season; you get bored with them; or they grow-up and become a major responsibility," Ms Alberry said.

"In early January, there is often a spike of impulse-bought kittens and puppies being surrendered at Cowra Pound and it is heart-breaking to see," Ms Alberry added.

Cowra Mayor, Councillor Bill West agreed, saying that all the good work of re-homing animals from Cowra Pound over the past 12 months can be undermined if pets are bought as disposable items for Christmas.

"Dogs, cats, and other pets rely totally on their owners for their continuing well-being and safety; it is cruel to buy or adopt an animal that you cannot, in all conscience, support for the rest of its life," Cr West said.

He praised the efforts of Cowra Pound staff, in particular Senior Ranger, Noel Schiller and Trainee Ranger, Victoria Small, who have focussed strongly on reducing the number of unwanted animals at Cowra Pound.

Between August to November this year, 97 animals were picked-up or abandoned at the Cowra Pound; 89 animals of which were re-homed, rescued, and returned to owners over that period.

"This work has saved suffering for a number of animals while providing local families with the joy of a loving pet for themselves and their children," Cr West concluded.