Report to Council on low-level bridge future

A report is to be presented to Cowra Council on the future of Cowra’s low-level bridge, Cowra Mayor, Councillor Bill West said.
The report will examine a range of options for the renewal, replacement, and alternatives to the current bridge as the current structure nears the end of its effective vehicle life.
“But this does not mean that Council is shutting the bridge or removing it, the low-level crossing over the Lachlan River provides an essential alternative route for locals wishing to avoid the Cowra Bridge on the Mid-Western Highway,” Cr West said.
“However, as the current low-level bridge may only have a limited working life of another 3–5 years, it is essential that Council examine future proposals for this traffic corridor,” Cr West added.
The practical importance of the crossing to the residents of Cowra would be kept in mind in any decisions that Council makes.
“This is a complex issue involving local traffic flow, congestion at both ends of the bridge, increased traffic movements in the future, and heritage and historical issues involving the existing bridge,” Cr West said.
“But the current structure cannot last forever and we would be negligent in our duties if we just closed our eyes and refused to examine the bridge’s future,” Cr West explained.
The low-level bridge was constructed on the site in 1938 with Council regularly renewing and replacing the running deck due to wear-and-tear and damage from local flooding.
“The bridge is not going anywhere at the moment; we’re not going to just suddenly remove this vital piece of local infrastructure,” Cr West concluded.