Local Government Week 2017

Local Government Week 2017 is the perfect opportunity to highlight the important services that councils provide their communities, Cowra Mayor, Councillor Bill West said.

Local government is at the heart of our communities, providing the services and infrastructure that help make a neighbourhood a home to residents and ratepayers.

"Local government is about a lot more than the three Rs: Roads, Rates and Rubbish," Cr West said. "This year, our theme is 'Discovery, Diversity, Democracy' which captures the range and breadth of services, roles, and duties that local government performs in 2017."

Council services range from the airport, saleyards, parks and gardens, sporting grounds, library, parking facilities, tree management, art gallery, roads, and the Festival of International Understanding.

"Local government Week offers the perfect opportunity to find out what Council does, and to learn about available services you may not be aware of," Cr West said.

"As the third tier of government in Australia, local government is the one that has most direct contact with ratepayers and residents, and the one that provides the vital — though unglamorous — services that keep our communities, villages, and towns, functioning," Cr West concluded.

Local Government NSW Fact Box

• Local Government is one of the biggest industries in NSW, employing more than 50,000 staff.

• Councils own and manage a number of different local facilities including sportsgrounds, skate parks, swimming pools, gardens, parks, stadiums, regional art galleries, tennis courts, museums and theatres. Councils also manage cemeteries, airports, caravan parks, and shopping centres.

• Services include waste management, water and sewerage, youth and aged, planning, environmental management, cultural development, public health and safety, and more. Over 140,000kms of local roads are maintained by NSW councils.