Cowra supports Cranky Rock dam proposal, mayor

The "Cranky Rock" dam proposal for the Belubula River on the Shire's northern edge offers exciting economic, agricultural, and urban water security opportunities for the whole region, Cowra Mayor, Cr Bill West believes.

The proposal currently being considered would see a dam built at a location upstream of Canowindra that would also offer flood mitigation for the town and surrounding areas, Cr West said.

"Cowra supports the proposed dam investigation, there are a number of benefits — jobs, developmental, industrial, and environmental — that would 'flow' from the decision to support a dam for this area," Cr West said.

"Any final decision must be evidence-based and environmental checks must be made to ensure that no long-term effects impact on the life of the river," Cr West explained. This would include consideration of the historic caves in this part of the Shire, he added.

One of the major benefits of the dam would be to increase water certainty for agricultural irrigation production in the region as well as freeing-up water for commercial and urban use. Such a result would ensure water security for the region and Cowra, Cr West said.

"The Central Western Region of Councils (CENTROC) commissioned a water security study which identified a need for greater water security with a dam in the catchment high on the agenda.

"In that respect, the 'Cranky Rock' dam is ideally-placed to provide for the future of our region with that most precious of commodities — water!" Cr West concluded.