Extra Council money for gravel roads

Council recently allocated an additional $88,500 to maintain gravel roads throughout the Shire.

This follows more than $921,000 already budgeted for gravel roads maintenance in 2016/2017, Director, Infrastructure and Operations, George Ridley said.

"Last year's floods and persistent rain caused significant damage to the rural roads in the Shire that was made worse by our inability to access the worst areas for emergency repairs," Mr Ridley explained.

"We've been playing catch-up ever since and the work that this extra $88,500 will fund is part of those efforts," he added.

"Further grading of the road network is required and, assuming autumn rainfall is received, additional funds are needed to ensure that the required work can be done," Mr Ridley said.

Local roads on the priority list to be graded include Yuruga Road; Moola Road; Gallaghers Road; Brissenden Road; Pine Hill Road; Quandong Road; Bullfrog Road; Blue Mantle Road; Tucker Road; Barryrennie Road; and Sutherland Road.

"Gravel roads are a relatively cost-effective way for rural councils to keep all parts of the Shire connected to population centres, but they do require regular maintenance. This extra expenditure shows Council's commitment to keeping this network of roads to as high a standard as possible," Mr Ridley concluded.