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Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

2015 Winner in the ‘Roadside Environment Award’ at the LGNSW Excellence in the Environment Awards

The Cowra Shire Council Roadside Vegetation Management Plan aims to provide information and guidance to Council staff of activities that may affect the health, conservation and condition of roadside vegetation. The plan also provides actions that may be taken to assist in identifying, managing and/or preserving this roadside environment. Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

Cowra Household Sharps Management Program
FREE Containers and disposal of community sharps

The Cowra Household Sharps Management Program is fully funded by Cowra Council and is designed to help reduce the amount of community sharps disposed of unsafely and to keep our community safe from the risk of needle stick injuries. Community sharps refer to needles, syringes, lancets and similar items which are often used to maintain the health of an individual.

Any person who uses sharps in their homes is eligible to collect a FREE disposal sharps container from participating pharmacies. Once the container has been filled it can be returned to the pharmacy for safe disposal into a sharps disposal bin and a new container obtained.

The free Community Sharps Containers and disposal of the containers are not for commercial generators of sharps waste. 

Sharps containers can be obtained from either, Zest Pharmacy or Optimal Pharmacy. Both pharmacies are located on Kendal Street, Cowra.

Sharps program