Roads & Traffic

Cowra Shire Council covers an area of 2810 square kilometres.  There are 1289 kilometres of council roads within the Shire consisting of the following broad categories:

Village Roads Sealed 37.97 km
Village Roads Gravel 7.99 km
Urban (Cowra) Roads Gravel 3.75 km
Urban (Cowra) Roads Sealed 83.07 km
Urban (Cowra) Lanes Sealed 7.60 km
Rural Roads Gravel 756.90 km
Rural Roads Sealed 331.96 km
Regional Roads (RTA Funded) Sealed 60.10 km
Unformed Road Reserves Information Unavailable       

It takes a lot of planning and a highly skilled professional workforce to maintain a 1289 km road network and assets valued at $79,676,000.  Council's Works Department is responsible for this task and is available to answer any questions residents may have - contact Infrastructure & Operations on (02) 6340 2070.