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Cowra Council Christmas Holiday Hours

Customer Service Centre

Closing 2pm Wednesday 24 December Re-opens Monday 5 January

Art Gallery

Closed Monday 22 December Re-opens Tuesday 6 January


Closed1pm Wednesday 24 December, Thursday,

25 December, Friday, 26 December, Saturday 27 December Thursday, 1 January

Materials Recycling Facility

Closing 2pm Wednesday 24 December Closed Thursday 25 December

Closed Friday 26 December

Garbage and Recycling Collection

Garbage and recycling collections will operate as normal with all bins picked up after 5.30am.

Aquatic Centre

Closing 6pm Wednesday 24 December

Closed Christmas Day, Thursday 25 December

Opening at 6am from Friday 26 December until Thursday 1 January Reopening for early morning swimming, Friday 2 January

Don’t be in the drink on house pool rules!

Don't be caught out with new rules regarding selling or leasing properties with pools from next year!

From late April, properties with a swimming pool that are sold or leased must have a certificate of compliance. Preliminary certification tests have found that many pools fail the first compliance inspection.

This will complement Council inspections and increase the number of people who can conduct swimming pool inspections and issue certificates of compliance.